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Step-By-Step Guide to Get You Ready For Your Residential Move

Summers are usually the peak time when most people plan their move. This is because they have plenty of time on their hands before the school season starts in fall, and allows them to settle in the new area and get familiar with the surroundings by the end of summers.

If you plan to move during summers, you have to book your movers at least three months ago because movers are mostly booked during this season. Inspect your house, especially the basement and attic. Take out things from there and decide what to keep and what to give away. Once you have decided what you are going to discard, plan a yard sale or donate the items to salvage houses.

Two months before the actual move

If you have school going kids, inform their school authorities about the move. If you have decided you will be transferring your child to another school, arrange a meeting with them and get all the school records at hand. Similarly, ask you lawyer, your dentist, your doctor to hand you your medical records.

One month before the actual move

  • Order packing boxes and get the supplies to get started with wrapping up the items. Make sure you get a heavy duty, special packing boxes made for such purposes. Start with one room at a time, probably the one that is not as frequently used.
  • If you are using postal services, then contact the service provider to get your postal address changed to your new location. If you have any subscriptions going on, such as internet, TV cable, magazine, etc., get them canceled or ask them if they provide services in the new area where you are moving.
  • Although many movers provide you with minimum insurance, if you are carrying delicate and precious items with you, ask the movers if they offer any additional insurance packages so that your losses (if any) would be covered.
  • If you have pets, and you are worried that you will not be able to look after them during the move, arrange a sitter for them on the day of the move. You do not want to leave anything behind.

Last few weeks

  • Make sure all your bills are paid. Check the house if it needs any repair. Check the gas lines, drains and plumbing systems; you do not want to leave anything for others to take care of.
  • When there is only one week left, call in the rentals to confirm if everything is ready at their end. Call in the movers, confirm your schedule, and ask them if you need to make any extra preparation.
  • As for the actual moving day, prepare a box in which you would put all the items of immediate use including bed sheets, pillows, and toys if you have restless kids at home.
  • Do not leave the house dirty behind you. Make sure you have cleaned it up.
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