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Moving or relocating your residence consumes time like anything. During that entire time period, people even fail and forget to keep up with many of their routine errands. Taking care of pets might be one of those duties that can get overlooked during moving.  One must consciously try to maintain the same caring regimen during the transition period.

Here, we will discuss some tips that will enable you to execute a pet-friendly moving.

Have a trip to a veterinary physician long before moving

You might not find time to have a vet trip just days or a week before moving. Therefore, try to schedule on way before you get busy in overseeing the process of moving. Have your pet or pets vaccinated and get their medical record so that the veterinary physician in the new neighborhood can easily access the health condition of your pet.

If you are moving interstate then also get the certificate of veterinary inspection. You might need it to get the authorization to move your pet from one state to another.

Veterinary trip is also important because post-relocation, you will immediately get busy in unpacking and setting of the new house. Also find a nearby veterinary clinic in advance in your new locality.

Get a personalized pet tag or ID

Prior to moving to a new location, also make sure that your pet is wearing an updated customized ID with your new home address. In new locations and neighborhood, pets become more vulnerable to getting lost and wandering away.

Keep them away from the final day mayhem

The last day just before moving is very eventful. You might be having extra company in your house as acquaintances would come to say goodbye.  All the extra movement and noise brought by this activity can make your pet animals extremely uncomfortable. So, try to keep them in a secluded house space (storeroom or bathrooms) until you are ready to leave.

Take care of their belongings

Yes, it is important to take care of their belongings as well while moving. Make the pet house or basket part of the list of domestic items which are planned to be transported through a moving company.

Take care of their journey

If you are moving far away from your current residence then you may need to travel overnight and have to get accommodations. Therefore, search for the hotels en route that accommodate pet animals.

Get them accustomed to your new home in a gradual manner

Some pets fall sick when they are moved to a new place. Therefore, a better welcome to your pets involves a gradual familiarization to your new home. Introduce them to only one living space initially and then slowly increase their exposure to other parts of the house. This strategy will help them to assimilate in the new environment in a better way.

If you are planning a move then contact Cor Movers. From home appliances to pet belongings, they ensure that every domestic item of yours reaches safely at the new destination.

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