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Tips on Packing Electronic Items When Moving to a New Home

Electronic items are mostly those that are a source of entertainment and provide great utility to both you and your family members. As much as they are entertaining, they are fragile and prone to breaking if they are not properly packed when being shipped or moved from one place to another. This is why people worry about the safety of expensive electronic items when they are planning a residential shift, and the same is the case with you, right?

Fret not; we have got you covered with a detailed guide on how to pack your electronics when moving.

1.     Take on the Product manual

Each electronic item you purchase comes with a product manual that tells you about its functions, features, and the way the item should be carried and used safely. From suitable temperatures to other instructions regarding storing these items, the manual will tell you about everything for a safe transfer of these goods.

2.     Use Suitable Boxes

By any chance, if you have the original boxes of the electronics you have at home, use them instead of those you get from the store to pack them. These boxes are designed to keep the gadgets safe as they come with Styrofoam inserts to mitigate damages to electronics and to prevent their sudden movement when placed inside. If you don’t have the original boxes, use the ones that are slightly bigger than the size of your electronics and try to cushion them yourself using cloth pieces, cotton, or any other material.

3.     Get Essential packing Goods/Material

In addition to the boxes and the material needed to cushion your electronics, you will need heavy-duty packing tapes to ensure the items remain protected. Packing tape will keep the boxes tightly sealed, hence reducing the chances of items popping out of the boxes and falling out. Again, don’t forget to buy the inserts, bubble wraps, packing blankets, or other forms of cushion to further reduce the risk of items getting damaged because of excessive jerks and moving around in the box.

4.     Disconnect the Wires and Label Them

Wires and cords used in chargers, television, computers, etc., should be detached and wrapped properly to carry to the new home. Wrap the cords with appropriate wrapping material and use different tags or color codes to be able to easily identify which cord is for which appliance or gadget.

5.     Remove Batteries and Collect Them in One Place

It is important to remove batteries from remote controls or other things such as wall clocks to prevent them from getting corroded. Corroded batteries don’t only stop working but also leak acid inside the electronic devices, causing the device to either stop working or malfunction. Furthermore, appliances that are carried with batteries inserted in them can get switched on if pressed mistakenly, and this could result in overheating and other issues. There’s also the possibility of a device staying switched on, which could cause overheating or other problems. Therefore, make sure to remove all batteries and store them separately.

The best you can do to keep the electronics safe during a moving activity is to hire professionals such as Cor Movers. Hire and experience yourself!

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