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Snap pictures of your electronics

Those cables in the back of your TV and modem that keep your life wired? This is a Packing Tip – Electronics that will save your life after your move or at least it will feel like it did.  They don’t make sense now and will make even less sense when they are tangled in a box. A simple solution is to snap a picture of the setup before you take your electronics apart—and coil the cords and label them with masking tape, for good measure.


Call it feng shui or experienced talent – we know how to set up cubicle systems for optimal workplace performance and efficiency. We also ensure your electronics, desks and wiring are all safely set up and organized, ready for you to get back to business. Depending on the size of the Module & Cubicle Assembly project, we can usually tear down and reconfigure a module or cubicle setup on short notice.

We are specialists in Module & Cubicle Assembly installation in Arizona. Call to get an estimate at 480.710.8372.

Cor Movers can also deliver you moving boxes, help you pack.  Local Phoenix Movers Cor Movers Services Custom Local Moves, Piano and Residential Moves, Local Moves Within The Greater Phoenix Area

We are fairly priced and will make your Apartment & Condo Move a smooth transition – relocating your furniture and electronics without a scratch. We also have trained professionals who can handle the clean up at your old apartment or condo. While you focus on turning your new one into a home.

Local Phoenix Movers · Specializing Local Moves · Fast & Professional
Cor Movers Services: Pack and Unpack Your Move, Custom Local Moves, Piano and Antique Moves. We offer Local Moves Within The Greater Phoenix Area
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