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When your office decides to move to a different location there are a few items that need to be addressed. Please inform your property manager of the building you will be relocating in the next thirty days. When telling your property manager about your upcoming office move, please let them know you will want to move on a weekend.

Weekends are better for office moving because the parking lot is usually empty and your company should have complete access to the elevator for your office move. Some commercial property managers will let you move during the week. Unfortunately, they won’t allow you to perform your commercial move until after hours.


Office Moving Tips to Make Your Business Relocation a Breeze

Before your commercial movers come to relocate your office, please make sure all of the furniture is completely emptied. This especially applies to wooden furniture. Please make sure all desk, credenzas, hutches and bookcases are completely emptied out. Vertical filing cabinets can remain full. Regarding lateral filing cabinets, please make sure the top two to three drawers are emptied out. Please make sure you label everything and everything before your commercial move takes place. COR Movers philosophy is if something isn’t labeled during the commercial move, COR Movers Inc. will not move the item.


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The best way to relocate office files and contents is to use plastic tubes called ecrates. Ecrates are great for moving your office files and contents because they are larger than boxes and you can secure the flaps that are on top of the ecrates.

When getting proposals from office moving companies, please don’t hesitate to get a flat rate bid. Please stay away from time and material quotes. Office moving companies have a tendency to “milk the clock” on time and material jobs so they and their company can make more money. Please just check references and reviews when selecting office moving companies.


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