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From the Experts at Cor Movers – Moving Tip: Protecting Your Furniture

Protecting Your Furniture:

Cor movers has proven time and again that as long as you properly pad furniture when moving, the it will not be damaged. It is also important to make sure that loose shelves are removed from book cases so that they do not become dislodged during the move and cause damages other furniture.

When moving grandfather clocks, be sure to remove the weights inside the clock to avoid having them bump into the glass and cause damage. Also, remember that it is extremely important to wrap any and all glass that you are moving, whether it is a tabletop or even just a picture frame.

There is a right and wrong way to move, and if you’ve ever experienced the wrong way then you know the consequences. Avoid accidents, hard labor and stress by using a well-established company who is licensed, bonded and insured like COR Movers. There is nothing we can’t move and we say this with 100% confidence.

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