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Cor Movers relocates furniture like this big armor for residential home owners and renters.  We also can move furniture such as beds, bookshelves, tables, couches, mattresses, boxes, and more. Cor Movers can also deliver you moving boxes, help you pack.  Local Phoenix Movers Cor Movers Services Custom Local Moves, Piano and Residential Moves, Local Moves Within The Greater Phoenix Area


This is how COR movers wraps a cabinet.  Cor Movers is a Local Phoenix Movers provides moving help to move furniture within your existing home or property. Cor Movers can also move between apartments in the same building or complex.

There is a right and wrong way to move. If you’ve ever experienced the wrong way then you know the consequences. To avoid accidents, hard labor and stress use a well-established company, who is licensed bonded and insured like COR Movers.  There is nothing we can’t move and we say this with 100% confidence.


Full Service Movers · Call for Fast Quote · Packing Services · No Hidden Charges

We are fairly priced and will make your Apartment & Condo Move a smooth transition – relocating your furniture and electronics without a scratch. We also have trained professionals who can handle the clean up at your old apartment or condo. While you focus on turning your new one into a home.

Local Phoenix Movers · Specializing Local Moves · Fast & Professional
Cor Movers Services: Pack and Unpack Your Move, Custom Local Moves, Piano and Antique Moves. We offer Local Moves Within The Greater Phoenix Area
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