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Top 5 Tips on Setting Up Your New Home

Moving from an old home to a new one doesn’t only involve just the moving process. There is a lot more to it. Most importantly there is the process of setting up your new home just the way you imagined it.

However, after a long hard move you barely have the strength or the heart left to plan an appropriate set-up of your home.

This set-up can take a lot out of you especially when you have nothing left to give it. You always need advice in such matters when you’re exhausted. Let’s take a look at the top tips that can help you in setting up your new home.


  • Clean Up the Entire Place


Before you take all your stuff into the new house, you MUST clean it up properly. Visit the new place a couple of days before you move in with all your things and clean it up thoroughly. After you have taken all your furniture, fixture and other stuff with you, it will be hard to clean out the corners of the house.


  • Plan Beforehand


Before you move in, create a virtual plan of where everything should go into your new home. It will keep you from moving into it amid a hassle. Proper planning will allow you to save your time.  It will also make things easier for the movers who wouldn’t have to carry your stuff all over the house because you can’t decide where to put it.


  • Unpack the Necessary Items First of All


Things that can be counted as your necessities should be on top of your list to unpack. These things include the daily day stuff, your tooth brush, toilet paper, soap etc. These are small everyday items that you can’t get along without.


  • Arrange Your Bed First from the Big Items


From the larger furniture pieces, your bed should be the first thing that you set up in your house. The main reason for that is the fact that you should not have to compromise on your rest because of anything. You will rest properly in your own bed.

You should not alter your sleeping patterns even for a day. It can have adverse effects on your health.


  • Settle in the Bathroom and the Toilets First


Fix the sanitary requirements of your home. Make sure there is running water in the house. Set your bathing essentials, oral care essentials and toiletries so you’re not digging into boxes when you need them.

Unpacking and setting up your new home are a few of the most difficult things to do after you move into your new place. They are just as unsettling as the process of moving itself. Professional movers can make this process relatively easier. Cor Movers not only move your things into your new home but they can also help you set things up the way you want! If you live in Phoenix, Arizona contact us today to avail the services of the best movers in town!

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