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To say relocation is difficult would be an understatement. There’s just something about moving to a new place and taking all your belongings with you that ensues chaos and disorder. But if you think that is only the case with residential moving, think again. Moving your entire business to a new location is a lot harder.

You are facing the potential threat of losing your productivity or your clients, or maybe both. Then there’s the fear of losing any important document that could cause a major setback to your business. Machinery and equipment too, face the risk of destruction.

But you are careful and have the right movers by your side, the entire move can go smoothly without any hitch. Here are some things you need to know:

•    Begin with a Checklist

A checklist is your best friend when it comes to moving. It ensures that you are not missing anything at all. It also saves your from last minute panics and scrambling.  Keep this checklist by your side at all times and keep adding tasks as you remember them.

•    Get Insured

It’s far better to be safe than sorry. Regardless of how you opt to move your business, it’s smarter to get insurance for your business equipment.

•    Packing the Office Equipments

As much as you’d want to stack up all the things and load them onto a truck, you cannot really do it. It requires special care, organizational skills to pack office equipment.  

For instance, you cannot really chuck all the files or all PC cables into one place. You need to label them and put them into zip lock bags. You’ll need moving blankets or bubble wraps to secure machinery to avoid scratches or any damage to them.  

•    Communicate

When it comes to moving your business, you cannot just be up and away. There are people who need to know you are moving. For effective relocation, it is important to make sure that your business does not suffer.  You must plan a strategy to spread the word of your move. This will make sure that you lose as little customers as possible.

You can send out mass e-mails, post it on your website, notify your socials media followers, or best of all, you can hang a poster about the relocation right where your old business used to be.

•    Clear Your Schedule

When you are in the midst of the move, make sure your schedule has only one thing to attend, the move. Do not schedule any meeting with potential clients or arrange any event for that matter. Focus your attention on one thing at a time.

•    Weekends

Make sure you schedule the move for the weekends so that the work is not disputed and the productivity does not go down.  

Want to save yourself from all the hassle, pressure, and stress of relocating your business? Then we suggest you call Cor Movers and enjoy the process as the professionals take care of everything.

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