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Residential moving in Phoenix is never easy, especially in the summer. Please following these instructions when moving your China cabinet and you shouldn’t have any issues with your residential move.


Empty the China Cabinet before moving

Please take out all shelving including the glass shelves. After that, please wrap the glass shelves in bubble wrap and a blanket.


Disassemble your Cabinet

If the china cabinet is two pieces, please make sure to unscrew the L brackets behind the china cabinet so the top piece comes off more easily.


Wrap China cabinet for moving

Please make sure to stretch wrap the top piece of the china cabinet and the lower piece of the cabinet. If possible, cut some pieces of cardboard to fit the glass portion of the china cabinet doors. Simply take some tape and tape the cardboard to the doors of the cabinet.

Then take some stretch wrap and secure the doors to the cabinet. Take whatever moving blankets necessary and fully wrap the top of the china cabinet as well as the bottom piece of the china cabinet. Use stretch wrap to accomplish this task. Then take a sharpie pen and write on the stretch wrap which is covering the blankets the word “Glass”. This will tell you this is the front piece of the china cabinet. Then do the same to the bottom piece, if the bottom piece also has glass on the doors.


Best way to load a cabinet into the moving truck

When loading the China cabinet into the truck take the top of the china cabinet and put it on the bottom of the cabinet. Please make sure to face the top and the bottom of the china cabinet against the e-tracking of the truck. Please make sure the china cabinet is completely covered in blankets before strapping the cabinet down.


Moving China Cabinet in Phoenix, Arizona, and Nearby Areas

Check back next week for more tips and guides to make your Phoenix residential move easier and secure.
Of course the easiest move is using a Local moving company such as Cor Movers. Call us at 480-710-8372

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