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Scammers are everywhere and they have even sneaked their way into the moving business. When you call a mover company into your house, you are placing a huge trust in them. Hence it makes sense to be cautious when you are choosing one for your relocation.

Here are some red flags that will tell you right away that you are face to face with a scammer:

They Won’t Ask for In-Home Estimate

If a moving company never asks you for an in-home estimate, or to submit details of your home inventory then they are likely to scam you. These moving companies will charge you with high costs, and will increase their documented price by saying, “Your needs were more than we estimated”

The Would Ask for Advance Payment

A reputed moving company will never ask you to pay any percentage of the total amount before the move your belongings. If they do, run away from them. And if you do pay, for any reasons whatsoever, use your credit card. This way, you’ll be able to fight the fraudulent activity and track the scammers.

They Would Offer You No Other Option Than Cash

A well-reputed company would always offer you multiple payment options. If the moving company is only accepting cash payment, they are probably scammers.

The No-name Companies

This one is a given. Do not rely on moving companies that do not have any physical office. Most of the times when the scammers are busted, they strike again using a different name.

Whenever you are booking a moving company, make sure they have a physical office, a local address, and have information regarding the licensing and insurance. The company itself must be insured and should refer to them using a proper name rather than a generic one or just calling themselves a “moving company”

You must also ask for references, and at least three of them to make sure you are not dealing with scammers here.

No Contract

Have everything in writing, every single thing. Even if you have known the mover for ages, even if they are your friends, even if they are family make sure every single detail and items are listed on the contract in writing.

Vehicles with No Brands

Reputed companies have their own branded trucks and their employees wear uniforms. A scammer will always show up in an unmarked vehicle, or in rentals.

If you see a truck like this arriving at your house on the day of the move, cancel the appointment right away.

When They Try to Delay

When the moving company loads your belongings in the truck and promises you that they will bring it to your house after this and that, they are scammers.

To save yourself from the risk of being scammed and losing everything that you have ever owned, trust a reputed company like Cor Movers who are known for their uprightness morals.

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