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Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Move

Dos and Don’ts for a Successful Move

Who would not want their residential move to be successful? There is NO ONE in the world that would be ok with an unsuccessful move because the entire process is rather stressful. For your ease, we have come up with a list of ‘do’s and don’ts that will help your residential move be successful and stress-free.


  • Before moving in, you need to make sure you have measured your new house. The reason why it is crucial is because if you have a large sofa, but your new place does not have the space to hold it in, what will you do? Therefore, planning before-hand will help you avoid these mistakes and save you sizeable expense.
  • You are capable of packing the unbreakable things yourself. If you ask the movers to pack books, pillows, or documents, you will be wasting money.
  • Mark all the boxes with labels. If a certain box contains valuables, then you will need to write ‘fragile.’ Moreover, if you have taken the responsibility of packing the fragile things yourself, then you need to make sure you are doing it the right way.
  • When packing lamps, you need to make sure you are taking all the bulbs off. The shades needs to be wrapped appropriately and boxed.
  • You need to take all linens off your bed and put them away in boxes. If you have a waterbed, make sure you are taking the water out a couple of days before the move. Ask the moving company about the frames and if you need to dismantle them. The majority of movers will dismantle them themselves, and put them together after the move.
  • Let the movers know where the breakable items are. Glasswork and wall hangings are extremely fragile and need to be handled with additional care.


  • Before hiring a moving company, you need to meet them at your house. They need to be able to see your house and give you a reasonable estimate. If you are having trouble choosing, talk to family and friends.
  • Things like jewelry, important documents, and money need to be kept with you. It would not be a good idea to keep these valuable in the moving truck.
  • Try not to bother the movers when they are working. If you distract them when they are handling heavy items, it could lead to damaging your property, injuries, or slip-ups.
  • Hiring a moving company that is not insured or licensed is a big DO NOT. The reason why this is not a good idea is because in case something goes wrong, the company will not be responsible for that.
  • Ask the moving company how you should handle fragile items. Movers that are not packing fragile items themselves tend to be ignorant towards those items.

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