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Moving is something we all have to do in life at one point or another. Although the move itself can be daunting, rest assured there are moving ‘hacks’ (tips and tricks) that will make your move easier – and we’re going to let you in on the best of them. As professional movers, we know a thing or two about moving… probably because we’ve done it so well for years.

Here are the top 5 moving hacks of all time, compiled by the experts at COR Movers. Remember these and your move just instantly got smart.

Moving Hacks You Must Read

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#1. Hang your clothes in garbage bags

hanging clothes always cause trouble during a move. They’re time consuming and just awkward to deal with. When you’re sweaty and tired, the last thing you want to do is stand there re-hanging and re-arranging your clothes neatly in the closet. The easiest solution to keeping your clothes neatly on their hangers, organized just like they are now, clean during transport, and easy to hang back up: garbage bags.

Make sure to purchase a box of the large sized trash bags with plastic drawstrings. Once you slide the garbage bag over a section of clothes (don’t put too many in each one to prevent wrinkles), make sure to tie the drawstring of the bag around the necks of the hangers in that section. This keeps the hangers securely in place and aligned. Then you simply have your hired movers deal with the rest, even hanging them up for you in the closets.

#2. Take pictures of your electronics

Wires, cables, and cords, oh my! Having electronics around the house is super convenient… until you have to move them to a new location. Use your smartphone to take pictures of the backs of all of your electronics before you move. Take a picture of how each device is plugged into both the wall and the back of the device itself. Think: phones, televisions, modems, computers, routers and gaming consoles. Once you’ve taken pictures, then you can unplug each device. *Bonus tip: keep all cords with their respective devices, ensuring they stay separate from other devices.

When you go to plug everything back in and set it all up, your pictures will quickly remind you of what plug goes where. Feel free to take as many initial pictures as you need to remember how they go back. At COR, we hook up all of your electronics for you at no additional cost.

#3. Pack a “first day” box and cut holes in them

One of your large boxes should be the designated “first day” box, with all of your bare essentials to get you through your first day and night at the new place, while you slowly unpack everything. Think of what you’ll need from the start of your first day/night there, from morning until you go to bed. Think: coffee maker, small set of dishes for breakfast, cat food, toothbrush, hairdryer, set of clothes for the day and night, etc.

A “first-day” box is like the survival kit of moving. You will be so happy that your former self packed one when you won’t have to dig through 10 different boxes to find your toothpaste or dog bowls.

Cutting a small hole on each side of the box will enable you to lift and carry even your heavier boxes more easily. Do your back, shoulders, and hands a huge favor by using these makeshift handles to your advantage. Your hired professional movers will do the heavy lifting, but having the handles on the sides of each box will help you manage and unpack them when you’re in your new home.

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You’ll also be able to see more clearly when carrying the box down a flight of stairs or across a room since you can carry the box at chest-level instead of holding it up awkwardly by the bottom.

#4. Stock up on wine cases & foam plates

Use empty cardboard wine boxes to pack your glass wear, not only protecting it from damage but also keeping it relatively clean. This makes it much easier to move and unpack the glass wear when you arrive at your new digs.

While you can buy tons of foam plates on the cheap at your local dollar store, getting wine boxes isn’t quite as easy. The good news: you don’t have to drink dozens of bottles of wine or spend a lot of money to get a collection of empty wine carriers. Stop near your closest BevMo! or Total Wine and ask for their empty ones – they’re usually happy to get them off their hands and recycle them!

At COR, we care about your belongings, your time and your moving experience as a whole. If you’re looking for ‘good guys’ who are professional, fairly priced, and will go the extra mile for you, give us a call to get a free estimate today.

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