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When businesses grow, expansion follows and that sometimes require moving to a bigger office. Relocation does not only happen when the business decides to expand, but also when the current lease ends or the business find it more profitable to operate in a different location. Whatever the reason maybe, office relocation is a strategic step and a systematic moving plan is important to make the transition easier. Proper planning for the commercial move can make the process less hectic and reduce the hours of operations lost due to the transition. Here are the tips for a smooth commercial move.

Normally, the decision to relocate is made at least 6 months before the actual move. During these six months, the company has enough time to plan and budget how they will go with the move. The first thing to do is to inform the staff about your plan and give them a timeline to start wrapping up their stations. Contact the authorities to review internet subscriptions, send in the applications for number change, and get all the equipments insured if they are not.

  • Start informing your customers and vendors about the move so they can make adjustments in any future reservations.
  • If there is any equipment that needs to be replaced or repaired, it is about time you get ti done. If don’t plan to replace it and don’t need it anymore, put the equipment up for sale or simply donate it to someone.
  • Since your address will change, you would need to update your online pages, websites, directory services and business cards.
  • There is always a chance of documents being misplaced during the move, which is why it is essential to convert paper documents into digital form. Scan them and convert them on cloud drives so your data remains safe even if any hard record is damaged or lost during the transition.
  • During the last few weeks, inform the building authorities of the new location about the date you will be moving in and ask them to let you know of the most convenient hours to conduct the shifting. You will most probably be asked to make it happen during the night hours, so there are fewer disturbances for you and others.
  • As for packing the office equipment and supplies, order special heavy duty packing boxes or hire packing services to take care of that. To make it easier, make separate box for each department so when you unpack, you would know what box goes where and who should take its responsibility.
  • Minimize deliveries and services your company provides during the last two weeks of your move because with everything on the move, you will not be able to provide efficient services to your clients. This will also make it convenient for the vendors and customers to adjust their plans according to your move.
  • Lastly and most importantly, hire professional commercial movers. Make sure the mover you hire is trusted and credible and offers insurance for your property. Ask for their insurance packages and the coverage they offer against any damage or theft.
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