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Moving your business from one location to another is quite a task. However, it doesn’t have to be a grueling one. If you plan ahead and get organized way ahead of the moving date, things can go quite smoothly. Commercial moving is a lot different than resident moving. The packing process is different, the safety measures are stricter, and the storage requirements are big. We have compiled a list of tips to help you make a move easily and without any major hassle.

Start Ahead of Time

Don’t wait until the very last minute to start packing things up. It doesn’t matter how many people are willing to help you. Leaving things at the end moment always results in disaster. Unlike your home possession, you can’t dump everything in a huge cardboard box and be on your way. The office furniture, computers, files, and everything else need to be packed properly and securely. Avoid acting like one of those lazy business owners who wait until the end. Save yourself and your employees the headache and get to work.

Invest in Packaging Material

Saving cost when it comes to packaging is not going to do much for you. By not spending on sturdy packing material, you increase the risk of office furniture and other equipment getting damaged during transportation. Packing material, such as padded cardboards, zip-locked bags, packing tape, and markers for labeling, will help you securely pack and later unpack everything.

Packing Electronics and Computers

Your electronics are the most essential and expensive pieces of equipment at your office. They will have the company date and important files stored in them. It is of utmost importance that you move them securely. There are some guidelines you must follow:

  • Protect your computers by properly packing them individually. Wrap the computers in blankets and tape them securely. Do not stack computers over each other or place other items on them.
  • Wrap your monitors with moving blankets to protect the screen. You can also use bubble wrap or tape. Do not dump them in cardboard boxes. They will move around during transportation and break.
  • Before planning to move your computers, save your data. Take your hard drives and pack them carefully to prevent damage. Or store all your data in removable and portable hard drives so they can be transported easily.
  • Cables are something that requires special attention. Disorganized cables are going to get even more disorganized during transportation. Once you reach the new office, you will have to spend days trying to organize them. Remove the cables from the computers and add put them in zip-locked bags. Label those bags so you don’t get confused. To make things easier for yourself, label the bags with colored taps. For example, green for the computers, red for the printers, and so on.

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