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Tips for Moving Expensive Items

You can pack books, clothes, shoes, and bags in packing boxes. Furniture can be disassembled and packed in boxes with additional padding. But what will you do with your expensive art pieces and your grandmother’s china?

If you can’t afford movers to help you pack up everything securely, or your moving crew is one of your family members with a truck, then you must follow a few essential tips to pack expensive items.

Here are some tips from the professionals:


Make a list of all your items with special meaning. Take pictures of them, and make notes so that they don’t get left behind when you are packing up everything. It is also important to have photographs to help you remember all the items.


If you are using a rental truck, get all your valuable items insured. In case something goes wrong, you can claim your homeowner’s insurance. It may cover your move as well. Some moving rental companies offer extra insurance.

Massive Items Need Help

Moving pianos, chandeliers, and other expensive furniture takes a lot of work. You cant do it without hiring a moving company. Packing up massive valuable furniture requires dollies, extra padding in the storage box and needs to be carried with care. Suitable wooden crates are needed so that the items don’t get damaged during transportation. In some cases, even moving companies hire specialists that move bigger items. Do your research and take your time before hiring professional movers.

Invest in the Packing Boxes

You cant stuff everything inside cardboard packing boxes that come in the same size. For instance, your flat-screen TV might require a proper packaging box. It may be a little more expensive than a regular box, but it will keep your TV screen from getting damaged during the move. The same applies to drinkware. Wine glasses are incredibly delicate so invest in special boxes made just for these types of items.

Expensive China

Wrap up your china items in several layers of bubble wrap and paper and place them at the edge of the box upright. They are less likely to get damaged if there are bumps on the road.

Securely Pack Up Paintings

Use duct tape to put a big X mark on your paintings if they have glass on them. Anything with glass on them should be taped. Taping prevents the glass from shattering.

Box It Up

When boxing up things, especially fragile items, gently shake the box to ensure the contents don’t move. If you feel like they are moving, add layers of padding. Tape the boxes, and write “Fragile Items” on them, so whoever carries them is extra careful.

Take Small Valuable Items With You

Take important paperwork and valuable jewelry with you because no one else is liable if something happens to your items. Take a bag and keep your important things inside, lock it with a small padlock, and keep it in your car next to you.

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