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Packing tends to be a tedious and burdensome part of moving that we all try to avoid – wrapping each item, packing them into boxes and then moving those boxes only to re-open them all over – doesn’t sound like an interesting course of work, right? In all honesty, it isn’t. However, to make the process a little easier and organized for you, here are some moving tips for you so you do not feel like drowning in the clutter.


  • Use packing boxesUse the boxes especially made for packing purposes, as they are durable and made with heavy-duty cardboard material. People often make the mistake of packing all the heavy things in bigger boxes. Movers suggest that heavy items should be packed in small boxes even if it increases the number of boxes to carry. It is better to pick up many small boxes of heavy items than trying to move a single big and heavy box.
  • Place the items strategicallyWhile filling the boxes, put in the heavier items first and then place the lighter items on top of them. This will divide the load equally and not concentrate the weight in one place only. Also, it will significantly reduce the downward pressure on the box.
  • Fill the boxes with polystyrene sheet for extra protection – Make sure you pack in the cardboard box completely without leaving any space in it. If there are empty spaces in the box, things will bump into each other inside during the move, increasing the chances of them getting damaged. Fill in those spaces with polystyrene sheet, newspaper or towels so the boxes stay balanced.
  • Do not pack blindly Do not pack items belonging to different rooms in same box. It will make it difficult for you to find items and will only create more clutter while you unpack.
  • Label each box with numbers of item in it and the room it belongs to While assorting items in boxes, name the boxes according to the rooms the items it contains belong to. This way, it will be easier for you to pack items without getting things mixed up in a pile of everything.
  • Tape it tightly When everything is put into the box, close it and tape it down with strong packing tape. Tape the bottom seams first with multiple layers of tape, and then tape the top seam the same way. One packing technique that goes a long way is to make multiple wraps all over the box, especially in places where weight is more concentrated.
  • Start packing a month before – Do not delay the packing to the last moment. Start packing a month ago – wrap things up and set them aside. Moving comes with hassle and if things are left till the last minute, it can result in chaos and mismanagement. Do not procrastinate packing and get started earlier, so in the end all you have to do is call in the movers to transfer your belongings.
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