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Cor Movers Packing Tips

Residential Movers in Glendale Arizona Cor Movers, Inc. assist clients with residential and commercial packing. Whether it’s loading boxes to prepping furniture COR Movers, Inc. can assist the client with packing. The first step in packing is to decide what size of boxes to use. When packing up general items such as office items COR Movers suggest using medium size boxes. When packing up clothing, please use wardrobe boxes. When packing up valuables use small size boxes. Larger boxes are great for packing up garage items.

When packing up fragile items like china, Residential Movers in Glendale Arizona, please make sure you use small size bubble wrap. When packing up plates or glasses please make it a point to use newsprint paper. When putting the items inside the box, please make sure to line the bottom of the box with crumpled up newsprint paper. This will provide a nice base for whatever you put in the box. After the box is completely filled, please make sure the box is taped shut.

When moving outside potted plants, Residential Movers in Glendale Arizona please make sure you load those in a pick up truck. When loading them in a pickup truck try to maneuver a blanket around the potted plants. This should prevent the potted plants from cracking. Please make sure you avoid speed bumps.

Residential Movers in Glendale Arizona Cor Movers, Inc. packing services also includes prepping furniture for either a commercial or residential move. Before you put furniture inside a truck please make sure the movers have the furniture protected with a moving blanket. The standard protocol is to wrap the piece of furniture with stretch wrap and them blanket the furniture item. Cor Movers Inc. provides packing services in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa and Avondale. COR Movers Inc. provides packing services all throughout the state of Arizona. If you need assistance with packing services from COR Movers, Inc. It all starts with setting up an initial consultation with one of COR Movers, Inc. packing specialist.

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