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Residential Moves by Cor Movers

We know moving can be a stressful experience. With so much to do and the clock ticking, it can become overwhelming. That’s where COR Movers comes in. We specialize in making your move go as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can get back to your life.

Residential Move : Mesa, AZ

COR movers assisted a client with a residential move in Mesa, Az. The move included a glass credenza, which we padded and stretch-wrapped like the rest of the furniture to ensure that it would not get damaged or broken in the move.


Residential Move : Peoria, AZ

Cor Movers worked with a client to move their family home from a two story house to a single story house. There were roughly 15,000 pounds of furniture, including a freezer that weighed over 500 pounds. Cor Movers accomplished this move in only five in a half hours!


Residential Move : Chandler, AZ

Cor Movers assisted a client in moving 19th century antique furniture to an air conditioned storage facility located in Chandler. All of the furniture and belonging were padded and stretch-wrapped to avoid damage. The move was successful.  


Residential Move : Peoria, AZ

COR’s residential movers assisted a great client with moving from a 2,000 square foot home into a brand new home. The move took nine hours to complete and once again, Cor Mover’s lived up to their slogan “We’re the Careful Movers” by not breaking or damaging anything.


Residential Move : Peoria, AZ

Cor Movers helped another client moving from a $1,500 square foot home to a condo. It was 115 degrees the day of the move and the condo, with its ten flights of stairs, lacked an elevator, but Cor Movers was not distracted by the head in the slightest! At the end of the move the client was happy and told Dan Meissner, the owner of Cor Movers, that he will use Cor Movers for all of his future moving needs.


Residential Move : San Tan Valley, AZ

COR Movers assisted a client in relocating the furniture and contents of two 26-foot u-haul trucks. The client had already tried calling six different moving companies before contacting Cor Movers. Cor Movers was more than happy to fulfill the client’s moving needs and learned a valuable lesson: “he (or she) who answers the phone, gets the business.”


Residential Move : Scottsdale, AZ

Cor Movers’ residential movers helped a single mother relocate nearly 13,000 pounds of home furnishings, including a 1,000 pound glass table. The residential move took around 6 hours to complete and the client was extremely happy with Cor Movers’ professionalism and speed. 


Residential Move : Casa Grande, AZ

Cor Movers assisted a client in moving a number of glass tables. Cor Movers boxed the corners, then padded and stretch-wrapped the tables before strapping them to the sides of the e-tracking inside the truck. Each table weighed around 300 pounds.


Residential Move : Surprise, AZ to Sun City, AZ

COR’s residential movers assisted a widower in moving his 2,500 square foot home from Surprise Arizona to Sun City Arizona. The job, which included moving the contents of a family room, living room, 3 bedrooms, 1 all class entertainment center and a leather sectional,  took just 6 hours to complete. The client praised a job well done, saying “I will use you guys again.” 


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers assisted an elderly client by moving her 9,000 pounds of furniture from a storage unit to her apartment in Phoenix. This residential move included relocating the contents of 3 bedrooms, a family room, a living room and 1 washer and dryer set. The entire move was completed in approximately 6 hours to complete. The client was very happy with Cor Movers.


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers’ residential movers assisted an elderly women with moving a front-loading washer and dryer as well as two couches. 


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers helped a nice couple move out of their 3,000 square foot home, which included moving approximately 200 boxes, several furniture items and even a hand-made submarine. Cor Movers performed the move in 8 hours.


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers successfully relocated a 2,000 square foot home into an air conditioned storage unit. The move included a 19th century desk, which the owner said weighed nearly 1,000 pounds. Once again, Cor Movers did not damage anything.


Residential Move : Avondale, AZ

Cor Movers assisted a client with yet another successful move in Avondale, Arizona. This move involved relocating several pieces of furniture from two storage units into a brand-new home. It is important to note that the home had all-new hard wood flooring.

Before Cor Movers even thought of moving the furniture into the house, our professional movers added cloth and felt pads to the bottoms of each and every piece of furniture. Putting cloth felts on the bottom of furniture makes it much easier for the client to slide furniture around on the brand new wood floor as well as prevents damage from moving furniture around. COR movers also made certain that all of the furniture was FULLY padded and protected before loading the truck.


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers assisted a client in moving furniture within their home. The client was very impressed with Cor Movers, particularly because our professionals took the extra time to adhere cloth felts onto the bottoms of each piece of furniture. Cloth felts prevent furniture from scratching wooden flooring. It is important on both residential and commercial moves to always use pads and stretch wrap when moving furniture. 


Residential Move : Tempe, AZ

Cor Movers assisted an elderly woman wiinth moving one of the rooms in her house. This residential move took almost 6 hours and 25 medium-sized boxes to complete. In our defense, the client had an unusually large amount of stuff in the room. The client was very sweet and kind and will be moving within the next few months. Cor movers estimated that they will need approximately 300 boxes to complete the move. The client was very happy with Cor Movers.


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers helped a retired Navy Commander move into her new home. Both she and her husband informed Cor Movers that they did am “awesome job moving them into their new home.” Victor, was very impressed with the speed with which Cor Movers completed the job, quite a compliment coming from someone who has had negative experiences with other moving companies in the past. The couple also liked the fact that Cor Movers padded and protected all of their belongings very carefully.

When two of our professional movers brought in a full glass book case, they took the extra time to re-wrap it before attempting to carry it up the stairs. Victor’s direct words were, “Dan you and your guys were awesome! Thank you for taking great care of us!”

Cor Movers really cares about service and moving clients furniture like it’s their own!!!


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers was hired by a couple that needed help moving their belongings out of a 10 x 20 storage facility in Phoenix, Arizona and into their new home. The storage unit contained 200 boxes, 2 king size beds, 4 night stands, 2 hutches, 1 sectional couch, 1 dining room table, 7 chairs, 1 safe, 1 washer, 1 dryer, 1 set of patio furniture, 5 shelves and several boxes of miscellaneous clothing.

This residential move may have been “run of the mill” for us to perform, but for our customer, they were moving into their new home!  That is such an exciting event, and by hiring the professionals at Cor Movers, they were able to focus on the joy of moving instead of having to deal with the hassle of broken or missing items.


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ

Cor Movers performed helped move a woman out of her 2 bedroom apartment in Phoenix and into her new home in Scottsdale. The move included 2 beds, 2 couches, 2 end tables, 1 granite table and 6 chairs. Cor Movers movers also assisted the women in packing the rest of her apartment.

When packing dishes and other fragile items, it is important to use packing paper or even newspaper to carefully wrap each item separately. 


Residential Move : Scottsdale, AZ

Cor Movers assisted a single mother in both packing up her residence, as well as moving her furniture and other belongings. The client had 70 Boxes, 2 dressers, 2 queen size beds, a sectional couch and miscellaneous garage contents. The residential move also consisted of moving some shelving, 1 wooden credenza, 2 desks, 1 wall unit and 20 pieces of artwork. Cor Movers prides itself on great customer service and being extremely safety-conscious and reliable. 


Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ to Chandler, AZ

Cor Movers performed a residential move for a couple located in Phoenix, Arizona. COR Movers moved the clients belongings into a storage unit and will be moving the couple into their new home in Chandler once the sale goes through. 









Residential Move : Scottsdale, AZ

Cor Movers assisted the client with packing their 2,000 square foot residence and moving everything into a storage unit. The client had 2 recliners, 1 glass dining room table, 3 glass book shelves, 1 T.V., 50 pictures, 4 night stands, 2 couches, 2 queen size beds, 3 dressers, 2 desks and various pieces of art.

On a side note, the client’s son played professional football with the Green bay Packers and the San Diego Chargers.









Residential Move : Phoenix, AZ

Today was a great day for Cor Movers. Our trained professionals performed a residential move for a Navy veteran. There were approximately 100 boxes, a bed, 2 nigh stands, a dart board, 1 credenza, 1 desk, a hutch, 1 couch and a couple sets of book cases. Cor Movers will also be moving this client out of his storage unit in May. 


Residential Move : Queen Creek, AZ to Dewey, AZ

Cor Movers performed a residential move for a couple who lived in Queen Creek and were moving to Dewey, Arizona. Our professional movers relocated the contents of a 2,000 square foot home, which included a pinball machine, 2 full bedrooms, a T.V, 1 couch, various garage items, a home shop and close to 100 boxes. 

pinball Machine

Dewey Residential Move

Dewey Resdiential Move.jpg4







Residential Move : Sun City, AZ to El Mirage, AZ

Cor Movers relocated the contents of a 1,500 Square foot home in Sun City to El Mirage, AZ. The residential move only took 5 hours to complete. 

Residential furniture


Residential Move : Arizona

Cor Movers recently moved some furniture for the Graham residence. The move included a bedroom set, 1 credenza, a hutch, 20 boxes and a single mirror. Before moving the furniture, our professionals put masonite down to protect the flooring as well as put cloth felts on the bottom of each and every piece of furniture to protect the wood floors from getting damaged when items are moved.  

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