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Metropolis cities have always lured people towards them. They offer more and better opportunities and exposure to diversity compared to smaller towns or villages in Arizona. Phoenix is the largest city in the state. It is a hot spot for thousands of people moving there in search of a better life. Also known as the valley of the sun, Phoenix is the sixth most populated city in the U.S, and the population is still growing.

We have compiled a list of reasons highlighting why you should move to Phoenix, Arizona.

Cost of Living

You must be thinking to yourself, “is Phoenix a good place to live?” The simple answer is yes. It is one of the few metropolis cities in the world with an affordable or rather low cost of living. You won’t have to pay too much for healthcare, groceries, transportation, and other services. When it comes to healthcare, most people prefer Phoenix over other states since it is a smarter choice.


Phoenix is located in the Sonoran Desert. The city has a unique aesthetic compared to cities in the surrounding states. It is engulfed by beautiful gigantic mountains such as McDowell Mountains, White Tank Mountains, Sierra Estrella, and Superstition Mountain. The city has unforgettable views with multiple treasures, including Saguaro Lake, Natural Bridge, and Petrified Forest National park, among others.


Phoenix is sought-after for those who are in search of a job. It is also the best choice for launching a business. The number of jobs in Phoenix is constantly growing, and the unemployment rate has reduced exponentially over time.  The city’s highest paying jobs are in industries such as utilities, professional services, mining and extraction, and management. Real estate, insurance, and finance are also in high demand.

Delicious Food

If you are a fan of spicy Mexican food, Phoenix is the place to be. It has the best Mexican food in the nation. There are also several restaurants taking you to different cities in the world via their menu. Some restaurants date back to the 1900s, such as Monti’s La Casa Vieja (launched in the 1890s) and Stockyards Steakhouse (launched in 1947).

Weather and Climate

If you are sick and tired of the cold and snow, Phoenix is a great city for you. It is always sunny in Phoenix. However, it can get too hot for some people to handle. The temperatures have been reported rising over 100 degrees. Since the heat is dry and not humid, it can be tolerated. The winters are relatively mild, and the average temperature is about 32F degrees.


Phoenix is a perfect city for people with children. The education system in this city is not only excellent but cost-effective. There are approximately 33 school districts with almost 30,000 students. Over 1000 educational institutes are situated in the metro area. The cost of education is the lowest you can find in the U.S. According to the survey, Arizona ranked 49th in the list of the most affordable states to study in.

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