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Tips for Moving Major Household Appliances Safely

Moving out is definitely not a child’s play. It requires proper planning and work force to make it happen. First thing you would worry about getting safely to your new home will be your furniture – the big ones, the heavy ones and the most delicate ones and rightly so. However, these are not the only things that require careful handling during a move. Household appliances are delicate and heavy to move around. They can easily get damaged or lost. Here are some tips for moving major household appliances, to ensure their security.

Moving tools you would need

Furniture straps – Ropes to secure your appliances along with the moving dolly.

Moving blanket – Special covers made for furniture and appliances to provide an extra layer of protection.

Moving dolly – A wheeled helper for you to move your appliances without having to drag them.


  • Moving a refrigerator
    Start with disconnecting the refrigerator from its power supply, a day before the move. Once it has been disconnected, empty the refrigerator of all its contents and clean it from inside so if any residue remains, it does not start reeking while the fridge is disconnected. It is better if you consume all the edibles stored inside it, instead of packing it up because chances are it will rot away especially if the weather is hot or humid.

On the day of the move, seal the refrigerator door with a stretch tape or any tying material so it does not swing open during the transit and get loose. Then, wrap up the connection cord and tug it at the back of the fridge, so as to keep it safe during the move. Once everything is put in its place, wrap the fridge with moving blanket and tie it with ropes all around to secure it. Once it is secured, load it on dolly and keep the fridge in upright position without tilting it on any of the sides. This will prevent oil from the compressor from leaking into cooling pipes of the refrigerator. When you have reached the new location, set your fridge in its position, however do not plug it back for at least two days so the internal oil can stabilize.

·         Moving kitchen stove

Moving gas appliances can be dangerous because there is always a chance of careless handling of gas pipes and source. The first thing you need to do is call in professionals to unplug your gas line from the stove and turn off the gas supply from its source. Clean the stove thoroughly and remove its glass sheets and racks. Put bubble wraps around the glass sheets to keep them from being damaged and put the parts in a separate cardboard box.
Wrap the stove in a moving blanket and carefully put it on a moving dolly. Once you have reached your new location, call a professional technician to reconnect the stove and gas line for you.

·         Washing machine and dryers

Disconnect the washer and dryer from its power source and drain its pipes and insides thoroughly. Clean the interior of the appliance with a clean cloth and let it dry. Tug the hoses behind the washing machine and wrap it with a rope so it does not come off lose during the move. If your washing machine comes with transportation rods to fix its drum in one place during any movement, then immobilize the drums so they do not get damaged because of vibrations and jolts. Cover it with a moving blanket and place it on the moving dolly.




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