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The Preliminaries of Packing for a Move

Before you start shoving your favorite pair of jeans into a case, remember that there is some pre-requisite work to be done. Packing is not about simply picking up a case from the attic, dusting it off, and throwing your belongings into it. No, in order to pack efficiently, there are certain steps that you need to take beforehand as well. Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to do in order to be an efficient packer.

1)   Collect all the packing supplies you need

You are going to need many strong boxes in various sizes in order to accommodate all of your differently sized items. Invest in good quality and strong cartons or moving boxes, as well as packing material. You will want to buy things like wrapping sheets, bubble wraps, padding supplies, packaging tape, newspapers, scissors, marking pens, and stickers to use for labeling.

2)   For padding, you can use old clothes

You don’t necessarily have to invest in bubble wrap or packing peanuts. If you were going to throw away your old clothes, let them stick around for one last job. Alternatively, just pack the clothes you were going to take along with you by using them as padding. That’ll save you money as well as packing space. Pro-tip: wrap individual glassware in socks.

3)   Photograph complicated set-ups before taking them apart

Once you’ve assembled a TV set or computer just right, you’re likely to forget what the set-up entailed. That is why you should take pictures of any complicated set-ups before you go about disassembling them, especially if they took you a long time to assemble in the first place. It will be a huge help once you get to the new place and start re-assembling it.

4)   Pack a small personal box for every family member in advance

This box would contain a bar of soap, a toothbrush, a washcloth and towel, two changes of clothes and a disposable razor if one is needed. Include some comfortable clothes like sweats too, as well as pajamas or a nightdress. Do these several days before it is time to move, so each family member has everything they need during the course of the first couple of days after the move, and before they’ve had a chance to unpack. This should keep everyone’s essentials attainable and on hand.


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