New Flooring & Carpet Cleaning

TextBodyImage_FloorInstallationMoves_369x246We’ve proudly served many professional floor installation and carpet-cleaning providers all over the Valley. We understand and respect the fact that it’s your company and reputation that are on the line, which is why we offer efficient and cost effective services for Flooring & Carpet Cleaning to other professionals that want to do an outstanding job for their customers.

We arrive at your customer’s residence or place of business before you and your team get there to start the project. We quickly (but carefully) ensure that all furniture, rugs and other items are up and out of your way so that you can start without any delays. We move everything back to its original place the same day that the project is complete – using felt cloth and sliders on the bottom of all furniture, as well as protective covering on our shoes so that the newly installed or cleaned flooring remains immaculate and undamaged.

A special note to carpet cleaning providers: Offer your customer the satisfaction of getting their entire carpet cleaned instead of just the areas without furniture. We work alongside you, taking each room at a time so that we lift as you clean. For you that means no heavy lifting or risk of damage, a shorter project turnaround time, and more value for your customer.

We want to build a long-term relationship with you, which is why we offer discounted pricing for Flooring & Carpet Cleaning to the professionals who choose to work with us. Call 480.710.8372 to get us scheduled on your next project!