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Moving with pets is a challenge for everyone who loves their furry friends.

Moving with Pets

1. Make sure your pet is properly identified with your name and contact information.

2. Get your pet’s inoculations up-to-date and obtain verification and a health certificate from your vet. Your state, city, boarder or airline will probably need this information.

3. Minimize the disruption in your pet’s routine as much as possible.

4. Make your pet feel comfortable by putting them in a familiar crate or taking them to a boarder or neighbor’s when realtors, potential buyers or inspectors come around.

5. Contact the state veterinarian in your new home state to learn about the laws concerning entry of pets and specific pet regulations.

6. Get in touch with your new city’s town hall about license fees, leash laws, fences and other pet restrictions.

7. Contact the airline for rules and regulations, transportation charges and carrier requirements if you are moving your pet by airplane.

8. Create a pet travel kit with food, water, collapsible dishes, favorite toys, and treats.

9. Use your pet’s favorite food, dishes, bed, blanket, and toys at the new home so there is a sense of familiarity.

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