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Moving? Here’s Your Packing Timeline


“The next time I move, I swear it’ll be to the graveyard!”

That’s what my father growled after his most recent move – there have been many – but this he hopes is his last one.

A lot of us feel that way. Moving is hard. Physically as well as emotionally.

It’s very much easier, though, if you’re clued up on the process and have made a simple series of wise preparations. Not exactly a  breeze, but easier.  Like this:


  • First – probably about two months before your move – set up a file folder that will hold all your notes and important moving documents. Keep a notebook. You’ll keep both of these close to you until you’re physically inside your new home.

Now get moving supplies: boxes, bubble wrap, newspaper (think of wrapping your china and kitchenware), packing tape and such.


  • Second – around six weeks out – start to clean out your present home. Hold a garage sale or two; give away what you haven’t sold to charity or Goodwill.


Notify your kids’ schools about your move, and get all the copies of their records that you’ll need in your new school district.  Also, if you’re moving out of state, be sure to get all your medical records from all your doctors.


Now’s the time to contact your selected moving company.


  • Third – a month or so from moving day – Notify your utilities about your move; make sure your power, water, landline and gas accounts will be closed the day after you move away.


Start packing the things you won’t need in your new home right away. Make plans to use up the food items you still have in your kitchen and pantry.


Finalize plans to get your pets to your new home.


On the USPS website, notify them of your address change. Call your insurance agent and advise her to transfer your policy, on moving day, to your new home.


  • Fourth – two weeks out – pack like crazy. Label everything, so all the boxes end up where they should. DO NOT pack your jewelry and valuables in with your regular stuff. Keep those separate, and transport them yourself.


  • Fifth – near moving day – check with your mover and confirm time and day of your move.


Get everything prepared for moving day: Know where the moving truck will park … get loading help if you need it …  make plans to keep your children and pets safely out of the way … pack a suitcase with the essentials you’ll need right away at your new home (keep this with you; not in the moving van).


  • Finally – on moving day – be there with your movers when they load the truck; the responsibility for ensuring they load everything is yours, so it’s crucial that you’re there to answer questions. Make sure every box is marked, then – before the movers leave – do a final sweep of your old house to be certain you left nothing behind. Only then should you sign the bill of lading.



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