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3 Things to Look Out For During a House Move

Families who decide to move to a new house don’t just have to worry about their belongings but also each other during the move. In addition to the adults, the children, the elderly and even the pets—everybody’s safety is pivotal. Moving to a new place can become quite a hassle for most houses with large families.

Not only do they have to make sure that all their things have been packed away and are transported safely, they also have to take care that none of their family members or pets experience any discomfort or annoyance during the move.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that you MUST look out for while moving into a new house.


  • Packing with Inadequate Supplies


Most people overlook the importance of professional supplies for moving. This can result in disastrous packing. You might end up packaging fragile things in boxes that rip open halfway through the move. In addition, the careless packing using supplies that don’t hold up properly can result in damage of your goods.

More importantly, people carrying those things are more at the danger of being harmed by those things. This becomes a greater concern when you have not hired professional movers and you and your family are doing everything all by yourselves. You would surely not like the idea of your husband or brother or son getting hurt during a new beginning in your lives.


  • Damage to Property


Another mishap that can ruin your move is damage to your property due to inexpert handling of large furniture and fixture. Many people fail to estimate whether their existing furniture will fit in their new house. They also neglect the fact that whether it would be convenient to carry large things to your new home by using a staircase or an elevator depending on which floor you are moving to. Such decisions can do real damage to your things if you don’t make them carefully.


  • Accidents or Injuries


Unfortunately, some people end up getting hurt while moving to a new place. This mostly happens with people who don’t hire professional movers. You might think that you are strong enough to do the heavy lifting of your things. However, you couldn’t be far from the truth. You never know what weight might end up damaging which part of your body. You could have a damaged knee or a slipped disk in your spine due to the excessive load.

Professional movers are trained in weight lifting and have no trouble carrying a few extra pounds. Besides that, they have training to share each other’s load if and when it is necessary.

Avoiding all the above mentioned mishaps is not easy. If you can pull everything off on your own, Kudos to you! But if you can’t or would like to execute the move in the guidance of some professional people, allow Cor Movers to help you! If you live in Phoenix, Arizona contact us to move you to your new home in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

Ensure the safety of your family members and your things with the services of our expert movers. We will give you an unforgettable experience!

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