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There’s no question about this, a well-organized home is an effective one. Learning how to arrange your home is easy if you maintain a few key factors in mind.

This guide features the importance of purging oneself of kitchen items that you don’t need, discusses the importance of replacing (or sometimes restoring). The importance of holding things near to wherever they’ll be used, together with things that do not work correctly. You will also discover why maintaining your tables litter-free is vital and why you saved time in the long run by taking the time to wash when you proceed.


Be honest with yourself – when was the last time your used cookie press or that melon baller? Think about dozens of other kitchen gadgets you have lying around – do you actually understand what they are doing? And think about these items you have duplicates of – do you really have to have several?

Consider also what kinds of tools you have which could do double-duty. As an example, Jane and  I use our ice cream scoops for both Portioning muffin batter and ground beef for tiny meat loaves.

Plus you must hunt past them when seeking or won’t waste precious kitchen storage space if you will get rid of those additional things you never really need other activities.

Repair or Change

A home isn’t inefficient if it contains items that do not work up to par. Only if one side of the toaster works or the non-stick finish on your frying pan is worn – replace it! However when the item is something that can be fixed, don’t automatically drop it. Instead try and correct it yourself or find a reputable handyman or support person to complete the work.

Keep Things Accessible

Successful kitchens are all about having the thing you need at your fingertips. You can improve the performance of the kitchen by storing the things you use a lot more on a regular basis near the part of your kitchen where you use them. This way, you save unnecessary time and don’t have to locate all the Items that are necessary to complete a job.

Sometimes used items like the pot you roast your festival turkey in must be stored on the large rack or in the back of the kitchen cabinet. You might prefer to store such products elsewhere at home like within the storage, guestroom closet, as well as in a container under your bed.

Eliminate Clutter

If it doesn’t have to be on your counter – eliminate it. Only tools you need to keep handy and those that can’t be stored in drawers, cabinets, or hung on your backsplash should be kept on your kitchen counters.

Clean As You Go

It surely pays to prepare and clear in the same time. Each time you cleanout a drawer take some time to clean it out before replacing the contents. That way, your kitchen is not only organized but it’s also clean and you won’t need to do another massive cleaning job for awhile. Also, if you be in the practice of cleaning up just after a dinner or snack you will discover standard kitchen maintenance less of a chore. Each time you enter your kitchen you will not need to clean a heap of meals or clear off the counter first to do a new process it will be like starting with a clean slate.

As the above are key components in effectively planning your home, there are many other activities to think about if you’d like your kitchen to work efficiently on a regular basis.

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