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The time between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend is when most moving takes places in and around is said to be the time when 70% of the moving happens. That being said, it isn’t surprising that this is called as the ‘peak moving season’. But, this is also the scorching summer season for Arizona and surrounding countries. The heat during this time rises to 3 digit temperatures. It is like being inside a furnace. 

Trying to move this summer season? Are you prepared to tackle the obstacles and challenges of the climate? We’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips to help you beat the heat for moving in the summers of Phoenix, Arizona.

1. Air Conditioning: switch on your air conditioning a few hours before you have to start moving. It is better to have the house cooled down way before the process starts, to avoid getting roasted in the heat. Moreover, there is probably going to be a lot going on once the packers and movers have arrived and you wouldn’t want to worry about cooling that time. So for your and your movers’ sake, make sure your house is calmingly cool much before the moving starts.

2. Wear the right clothes: lightweight, loose and cotton are to be sworn by to survive the heat of Arizona. Make sure you wear light colors too. An alternative to cotton would be linen, since this too absorbs moisture and keeps you dry and fresh while moving. Don’t forget sunglasses, hats and anything that will protect you from the sun and heat outside.

3. Sunscreen: it goes without saying that your skin needs ultimate protection against the UV rays of the sun, especially in the scorching heat of Arizona. You are going to be out in the sun for a long time, so it is important you apply a sunscreen with SPF more than 30. Do not forget to reapply the same in regular intervals.

4. Plan the time of moving: to best avoid the heat, start early in the morning. Schedule your move in the early hours so that the afternoon heat doesn’t get to you. The sun and heat seem to go 10 degrees higher in the afternoon-from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Even the best moving companies will suggest this time frame to being your move. 

5. Water: You must’ve heard this too many times, but it is never enough. Keep yourself completely hydrated. Pack a lot of cold water for the whole day, for you, your family as well as for the movers. You are going to be doing a lot of physical work and so there will be rivers of sweat. You need to make sure you are not going down with any symptoms of dehydration or falling sick. Eat fresh fruits, to keep your energy and water levels in your body high.

6. Arrange for portable fans: Portable fans don’t cost too much, and they are a boon for the summer season in Arizona. You can not only rely on electricity and air conditioning to keep you cool throughout the day. You should set up some more of these outside where you will be loading or unloading boxes.

7. Contact Cor Movers today to lessen the burden of moving in the heat with the help of our movers!

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