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How To Help Your Teen During A Move

Moving to a new place is hard for every member in the family, but it can be especially hard for the teens. Teens have to leave behind their school, friends, social activities and clubs that they were a part of. Even if moving is good and exciting for the family, it can be hard for the teen. Feeling upset during their time is normal for the teen. However, there are ways to make the move seem easier and better.

Giving Them a Notice

Giving your teen a head ups about moving as early as possible is the best thing to do. He or she needs as much time as they can to digest the idea of moving. Putting it off to the last minute can make it worse. It will be painful regardless of what you do and it is important for the parents to understand how their child is feeling.

Every parent needs to sit their child down and talk to them about the move. Explaining to them how this is the best option for the family at the time being and making it sound as nice as possible. Be ready for the response cause it can be sad, excited, shocked or angry. Let the, know that you will be there for them throughout the entire process and you will do everything to make things easy.

Look at the Positives

Teens have tendencies to think about the negatives rather than looking at the positives. Therefore, you need to help your teen understand the positives. Let your teen know that they will be going to a new school where they can make new experiences and new friends. It could be a great way to start over. Let the know that thinking about the negatives will only take a toll on their brain and it will have no effect.

Take Them House Hunting

Involving your teen in the moving process could be more helpful than you can think. Let him or her go house hunting so they can choose a neighborhood that they like. If the move is over a country, have your teen sit with you on the computer so you can see houses together. Show them the neighborhood with the satellite cameras so they have a good understanding to the place. Check the place for good schools, restaurants and malls so they your teen can do fun activities. They should get a sense of home even if they are not at home.

Teens –sometimes- develop attachments with potential homes so let them know that you will survey before choosing the final house. Let them know that you understand their position but there are some things that adults control better. Additionally, you can give your teen freedom of choosing how they would want to decorate their room.

Good Bye Party

Throw a farewell party so your teens have the chance to say good bye to their friends. It may be comforting for your child to spend time with their friends or even going around their favorite places in town. Let them embrace the change.

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