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Essentials to be Kept At Hand When Moving

Things You Should Keep Handy When Planning a Residential Move

Amongst the annoying and most troublesome things that occur during residential moving, a common problem that tops the list is not having access to your essentials and having to look through each bag to find them. This can be avoided by paying attention to little things and preparing in advance to make the transition to your new home easier.

Essentials That Should Be Kept Handy

1.     Professional Movers

Yes, professional movers are the first thing on this list that you need to ensure for a smooth move. After all, it is always good to leave specific things to people who are best at doing them and have a helping hand as you move from one place to another. The professionals are well-trained, insured, and licensed for the job they do, and by hiring them, you will not even have to worry about your valuables being lost or damaged. They will also help you organize your tasks, prioritize things, and make certain that nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

2.     Medicines and Other Medical Necessities

There is a likelihood of you or a family member getting hurt when moving. This is because everything is scattered, and amid all the chaos, you often forget to keep an eye on the objects you are coming into contact with. From small cuts on the finger to a bad headache or a backache, a medical kit you carry will help you deal with these tiny emergencies and problems.

Apart from this, if you are already on medications for a disease, you must not forget to keep them in your handbag. It takes just one miss for your blood pressure to shoot or for the diabetes levels to go down. It is advised to also keep a few snacks with you, especially if you are pregnant or diabetic.

Keys and Codes

Another important thing you can’t afford to forget are the keys or codes of any locks. These can include those of the old house, the new house, your bags, etc. Ensure you remember the codes that your bags or drawers are locked with. Of course, you don’t want to be standing in front of your new home’s door wishing you had a magic wand that could get the keys for you.

It is also important to talk to the realtor or the homeowners about the codes being used anywhere in the new home. Don’t forget to write down these small but extremely important details.

3.     Tools

We can’t guarantee whether or not you will need these, but it is important to keep common tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, nails, wire tape, etc., with you to tackle any unforeseen events or to reassemble everything that you had to disband when moving.

4.     Mobile Device Charger

Your whole family and the communication with the outside world (relatives and friends) depend totally on gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. Ensure you keep the chargers in one place so that they can be used anytime they are needed. If not this, you will have to open and check each bag or box that you have packed to look for the chargers. This can be very annoying, especially after a long, tiring day.

There could be more to this list that the professional movers know of and we don’t. Hire Cor Movers today to ensure a pleasant move!

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