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Moving in or around Phoenix, Arizona? Confused about your moving needs and choosing a good moving company? We are here at your service. We at Cor Movers provide friendly, trustworthy services to our customers, treating all your items with equal care. Our services are brought to you along with ultimate respect, courtesy and etiquette. We understand the anxiety that goes in this process, having men moving in and out of your house, carrying your goods from one place to another, worrying about keeping count and managing the whole process. Thus, we make sure none of this gets to you anytime during the packing and moving.

Our services are carefully tailored according to every customer’s needs. We take big steps in making sure that our customers receive a hassle free service. Our men at work are professionally trained and treat the customers with patience, respect and courtesy. We know the stress that comes with packing and moving, and we aim to reduce the worry for you!

Need an estimate? We make things easy right from step one of planning your move. Follow these simple steps and get moving in no time!

  1. Submit a quote form. You can do this online or through call. 
  2. Someone from our end will have a chat with you as soon as possible and we can give you an estimate once we have the details about your moving needs.
  3. Now you can relax. Once you’ve agreed on the estimate we provide, you have nothing to worry about. Our packers and movers will be at your doorstep at the requested date and time and get you moving to your new office or home!

We give the best services for both nearby moving within Phoenix, as well as in and around the state of Arizona. We promise to fit in according to whatever you need. We are flexible with change and in tight situations too. We won’t let the stress get to you once you have chosen us! Cor movers are known to be one of the best moving and packing companies in all of Arizona. We understand the customers’ concerns with fragile belongings and storing the items securely during the move. 

We have amazing packing services that keep all your items safe and transported without any damage. Moving from one house to another means having to get rid of a lot of old stuff too. Who would want the added pains of having to find out ways of throwing away certain items, transporting them or knowing where they need to be taken. We have solutions for all your junk removal problems. Our men will take out your junk for you, and dispose it away, so you don’t have to worry about ‘taking out the trash’! 

Don’t count on our words, read the testimonials on our website and find out more about what our customers have to say. You won’t regret choosing Cor Movers I Phoenix, Arizona, as we are among the best, and we aim to get better with every move.

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