Commercial & Office Moves

Not all movers understand your professional needs the way COR Movers does, but we have moved enough businesses to know that time is of the essence. That’s why we get the job done efficiently while minimizing any lost time away from doing business. Your staff will leave work on Friday and return to a completed and clean new workspace on Monday. This is because COR does more than most Commercial & Office Moves. We offer installation of servers, phone systems, security systems, cable services, modular/cubicle furniture assembly, and professional cleaning after the move itself is completed. Your Internet and phones will work, your files will be in order, and every detail will be in place.

TextBodyImage_OfficeCommercialMoves_369x246Here are a few tips on how you and your staff can prepare for the Commercial & Office Move, and how COR Movers will go the extra mile to ensure nothing is damaged:

  • All wood furniture should be emptied out so that the shifting of contents doesn’t destroy the wood.
  • Vertical filing cabinets can stay full if they’re on the first floor. If they’re on the second floor or above, they should be emptied out and kept organized.
  • The top two drawers of lateral filing cabinets should be emptied out and kept organized.
  • All furniture, desks and filing cabinets are properly stretch wrapped and padded for protection.
  • Computer carts are used to move electronics equipment and computers. Computers and monitors are bubble wrapped to ensure extra protection.
  • Antistatic keyboard bags are used to relocate and protect keyboards, mice and power strips.
  • Your floors and doors are protected using Masonite and corner boards.

We can relocate your office before, during or after business hours. Call us at 480.710.8372 for a free site visit and estimate!