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Commercial Moves by Cor Movers

The experts at Cor Movers are proud to take care of all your commercial moving needs!

For each and every commercial move, Cor Movers shares documentation detailing the steps clients should take to prepare  for their office move. This ensures an easy, stress free experience.

In preparation for the move, we put down a protective floor covering called Masonite. Cor Movers makes a point to pad and stretch wrap filing cabinets, including vertical filing cabinets, to prevent injury or damage from falling or loose items as well as from filing cabinet doors opening during the moving process. If, however, the filing cabinets in question are from Ikea, they must be emptied and cleard of all contents by the client. We are unable to move Ikea filing cabinets that are not emptied prior to moving, as this increases the risk of something breaking or someone being injured.

With regard to wooden furniture, clients are informed beforehand to empty all drawers, cabinets etc. prior to our arrival on moving day.  This ensures that the furniture in question does not break or become distorted from added weight. For commercial moves, we take apart desks when possible and reassemble them at the final destination.  We also use padding and stretch wrap to protect all artwork throughout the moving process.


Commercial Move 15: Phoenix, AZ

The content of the move included:    moving about 15 desk, 10 credenzas, 20 filing cabinets, 30 chairs, 50 computers, 20 printers, 50 pieces of artwork, 20 book cases, 140 boxes, 5 sofas, 20 cabinets, 2 microwaves and 5 refrigerators. This large move took Cor Commercial Movers two full days to complete. The client, Mr. Jim Green, was extremely happy with how Cor Commercial Movers prepared his art work for the move and has said that he will refer others to Cor Commercial Movers!


Commercial Move 14: Peoria, AZ to Glendale, AZ

Cor Movers moved a dermatologist’s medical office from Peoria to Glendale, Arizona. Cor moved an estimated 30,000 pounds of furniture; taking approximately 6 hours to complete the job. The client informed Dan Meissner, Owner of Cor Movers, that the team was very professional throughout the move and were able to complete the job quickly and efficiently.


Commercial Move 13: Scottsdale, AZ to Phoenix, AZ

COR’s commercial movers assisted a life-long client with moving their office from Scottsdale to Phoenix, Arizona. This included moving 20+ filing cabinets, 10 Desks, 5 credenzas, 100 boxes and 1 glass shelf. The Glass shelf weighed approximately 500 pounds!  On top of this, Dan Meissner and his commercial movers also moved 5 800-pound fire-proof safes. The move went well and the client was ecstatic!


Commercial Move 12: Phoenix, AZ to Scottsdale, AZ

Cor Movers assisted an Interior Design firm in moving approximately 20,000 pounds of furniture from 12th Street and McDowell Rd. in Phoenix to 6900 W. Camelback Rd. in Scottsdale. The move took five guys and two trucks to complete and the client was very happy with the result.


Commercial Move 11: Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers moved a 1,000-pound glass conference room table in central phoenix. To do this, we removed the legs from the glass table-top and individually stretch wrapped each piece. We put the conference room table on a panel cart and loaded it into the truck, ensuring that it was securely strapped to the e-tracking of the truck. The table was delivered on time and in perfect condition.   We are the careful movers! 


Commercial Move 10: Mesa, AZ

Cor commercial movers assisted a client in East Mesa with their office move.  It took only 6 hours to complete the move, which included an 800-pound fire-proof safe. The client was extremely happy. 


Commercial Move 9: Scottsdale, AZ

Cor Movers assisted a client with moving 35,000 pounds of furniture in North Scottsdale. One of the pieces of furniture was an extremely large glass credenza; we think it weighed nearly 500 pounds! It took 4 of our strongest Cor Movers to pack it up and load it onto the truck. The client was extremely impressed with Cor Movers and our ability to safely move the glass credenza.


Commercial Move 8: Phoenix, AZ

Working with an old client to move their office, Cor Movers moved close to 30,000 pounds of furniture, including 2 extraordinarily large sofas. It was a very hot day; the temperature inside the truck reached 125 degrees! Rain or shine, 40 degrees or 125, Cor Movers will help you with your move regardless of the weather.


Commercial Move 7: Phoenix, AZ

Today COR Movers assisted a client in moving their filing cabinets. Even without the use of an elevator, Cor Movers was able to move 100 filing cabinets to the new office location, which was located on the third floor of a building. The emptied all of the filing cabinets by hand prior to our arrival and was very pleased when everything was set up in the new office.


Commercial Move 6: Mesa, AZ

Cor Movers moved a Pet Resort to their new office, which included close to 20 kennels as well as two offices full of furniture. In just around ten hours, the move was complete. At the end, the owner of the pet resort was very happy with Cor Movers.


Commercial Move 5: Scottsdale, AZ

Cor movers assisted a company in Scottsdale Arizona with moving furniture, the most memorable piece of which was  a 700-pound gun safe. Cor Movers’ professional moving crew employed the use of an industrial-strength dolly to relocate the gun safe to its new home.


Commercial Move 4: Phoenix, AZ

Cor Movers assisted a dentist’s office in changing locations. We moved a variety of 1,000-pound dental machines in just six hours.


Commercial Move 3: Phoenix, AZ

COR Movers assisted a client in central phoenix in moving their office. Cor Movers’ commercial moving team packed and moved a 10,000 square foot company, including a 2,000-pound glass credenza without causing any damage to the furniture.


Commercial Move 2: Scottsdale, AZ

Cor Movers executed a flawless commercial move in Scottsdale Arizona. The move included 2 glass desks and a number of chairs, credenzas, book cases and lateral and vertical filing cabinets. The client told Dan Meissner, Owner of Cor Movers, how impressed she was with him and his movers. 


Commercial Move 1: Mesa, AZ

Cor Movers is always careful, which is why this dentist’s office trusted us to carefully stretch wrap and move their $20,000 x-ray machine. This was a commercial move performed in Mesa Arizona. Here are some pictures of the job.
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