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Moving to college is a big step in a person’s life. You are a ball of nervousness and excitement. Living on your own, away from your family home, can make you want to pack your entire childhood bedroom into your car to take with you. However, being organized is crucial. College dorm rooms are relatively smaller compared to regular rooms in a house. Packing with a plan in mind will minimize stress once and make your moving day go seamlessly. Here are a few packing tips from professional movers to give you a head start.

Take Stock

Before packing, investigate everything you have and then start making an inventory. Organize your things into categories.

  • Things you like to take
  • Essentials
  • Leave-behinds

Be selective with what you pack, and if you miss something, pick it up over the holidays. Taking everything you like will overcrowd your dorm room and make your stay uncomfortable.

Pack Light

As mentioned earlier, be selective. Pack on your hygiene products, school supplies, clothing, and cleaning products. Remember, it will only be you and one of your family members carrying the boxes up to your dorm. Even though the dorm may seem closer to the parking lot, it’s often not. Moving heavy boxes from your car to the dorm will seem like a marathon. Therefore, avoid filling up the packing boxes to the brim. Weigh your boxes at a manageable weight for your family member and you to carry without breaking your back.

Personal Hygiene Products

Pack your personal hygiene products in a water-proof pouch. It is the best way to carrying your shower items from the dorm room to the bathroom. These are essential items, and you have to make room for them in your boxes. These items go into your packing boxes before anything else.


You have to pack the right size, blankets, pillow, and sheets. Pack light when it comes to your bedding items. Forgo packing things like stuffed toys, throw pillows, and other similar accessories. You are going to need enough room in your parent’s car for everything else.

Coordinate with Your Roommate

The biggest mistake college students make is packing something their new roommate is already bringing. Coordinate with your roomie and decide what each of you will be bringing. There is limited space in the dorm room and only a couple of electrical outlets.

Pack Hand Sanitizers, Cleaning Supplies, and Masks

Considering we are in the middle of a pandemic, it is no surprise that you should, without a doubt, pack hand sanitizers, masks, and other cleaning supplies.  Living in close quarters can pose a risk, and you need to clean your dorm room often. Make room in the dorm for your essential cleaning supplies.

We hope the packing tips will help make your move-in day go smoothly. If not, Cormovers can assist you with moving for college. The professionals meticulously pack your items and carry the boxes up to your dorm without any problems. Contact Cormovers for more information.

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