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A Bump-free Shifting of Your Office to a New Location

Relocation of an office is a decision taken after long, extensive deliberations. There are various caveat attached to move your office to a new location and therefore decision makers are extremely cautious in devising its details.

For proprietors pondering on to move their office location, there are few things to consider in making this shift to a new location free of bumps.

Taking Care of Expenses

Relocating your entire office to a new location will obviously need a large monetary backing. Setting a budget and sticking with it becomes very difficult in such instances because new expenses surface every day. In all this disarray of relocation, it is imperative to take into account some of the significant expenses beforehand so that the moving budget can’t spiral out of control.

Dilapidation Expenses

You are surely going to pay for the new location when moving your office, but oftentimes you also have to take care of dilapidation expenses of the place you are vacating.

Cost of Moving of Specialized Items

Depending on the nature of your work, you may be required to move some items with supreme care and handling. For instance, chemicals, expensive customized equipment or artwork can’t be shifted with other office supplies.

Timing of Relocation

The timing of your office relocation will also impact the equation of expenses. Moving off-season will certainly save you money on getting the services of professional moving company. But you also have to take care that this time is not going to affect your most active and productive work schedule. Try to balance both of the time windows where you don’t have to put up with a hiked operational cost.

Interior Blueprint of New Office

Many ventures also want to change the look of their office space when moving to a new location. Your new office design will also settle on the expenses of logistics. For instance, you might have to purchase new furniture and cubicles because old ones fail to fit the description of the recently proposed interior design.

Similarly, if you are persisting with the same look then you have to take care of moving all the office articles. Going with the same look will, of course, save you money. For this, you have to get the services of a moving company who hasn’t only possess the expertise of moving a large bulk of furniture and weight, but also know how to disassemble and reassemble office cubicles.

Communicating Your Relocation

To make sure that your operations don’t get affected by moving to a new location, devise an effective communication strategy to announce and spread the word of your relocation. You can set up a marketing campaign to successfully announce your move. Do direct mails, have social media posting, and put a postscript in your newsletters and emails which clearly mention your new office address.

Cor Movers have the expertise of moving all sorts of office supplies to a new location. Whether it’s IT equipment, cubicles, desks or large boardroom tables, they know how to relocate an entire office from one place to another.


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