Multi-level, Apartment & Condo Moves

It is our goal to make the otherwise stressful moving process as easy as possible for you – so you can get settled in your new place and on to more exciting things. No matter what sort of apartment or condo complex you live in, we are able to move just about anything up any amount of flights. We are fairly priced and will make your Apartment & Condo Move a smooth transition – relocating your furniture and electronics without a scratch. We also have trained professionals who can handle the clean up at your old apartment or condo while you focus on turning your new one into a home.

TextBodyImage_AppartmentMoves_369x246Here are just a few ways in which COR does more to help you move into or out of an apartment or condo:

  • Careful attention is given to not causing any damage to elevators, hallways or other common areas that you share with your neighbors.
  • All wood furniture is emptied out so that the shifting of contents doesn’t destroy the wood.
  • All furniture is properly stretch wrapped and padded for protection. Drawers are either removed or secured in place so they don’t fall out or break.
  • Computers, monitors and all electronics are carefully wrapped to ensure extra protection. Antistatic keyboard bags are used to relocate and protect keyboards, mice and power strips.
  • Your floors and doors are protected using Masonite and corner boards. We are careful to use felt cloth on the bottom of the furniture so your flooring won’t get damaged.
  • All glass is bubble-wrapped securely to protect it from cracks, chips, shattering, or any other potential damage.
  • Privacy and noise levels are respected during your move.

Get an estimate for you Apartment & Condo Move and schedule your move by calling 480.710.8372. You’ve got 99 problems and moving shouldn’t be one of them!