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Did you use the right size boxes? What about the heavy items? Are they at the bottom of boxes and the lighter parcels on top? Sorting, gathering, wrapping, packing, and unpacking can leave you feeling exhausted. Why not give the job to the professionals? Here are 5 reasons why hiring trained movers are the best choice. 

It can be highly exhausting.

Planning on relocating can be stressing and exhausting, even if you have the help of your trusted neighbor. There are many things that you must do, from packing and wrapping away from the clothing, equipment, furniture, paintings, to name a few. These activities are time-consuming, nerve-racking, and not worth the trouble. What’s a better solution?

Giving the job to trained movers and packers will save you time money and limit your level of exhaustion. Professional movers can take the hassle out of moving, so why not give them a call.

Having the right equipment for the job

When deciding to move, it’s easy to think that the only equipment or tools you will need is a few boxes and tapes. But the truth is, that’s far from the truth. What other tools will you need to pack away your items safely? You’ll need buffers, Styrofoam wraps, heavy-duty tape, blankets, special furniture dollies, bubble wrap, ratchet straps,  packing paper to name a few. But why worry about getting these individual items when a delivery company can wrap and safely pack away your items with ease. When you hire a moving company such as Cor Movers, moving becomes safer, and the possibility of your items getting damaged is little to nonexistent. 

Movers work faster 

Are you aiming for efficiency? Why not hire movers to do the job. It’s what they repeatedly do every day, which makes them a pro at their jobs.

You may think that getting your friends to help you with the packing is the best decision. But there are so many things that can go wrong. Packing will take longer than expected, resulting in you having to pack over days. This extension in the packing period may not be ideal for your friend who may have to work. Or have other prior events. There is also the possibility of you getting hurt during packing, but this you can surely avoid.

Trained movers and packers are efficient and effective. They’re able to pack and be ready to go in way less time than the hours you may take to fill a small box. 

No need to worry about insurance

It’s easy to get your friends and to remove the items from your home, right. But what will happen when there is damage to the floors and walls during the moving process. That can be rather expensive and unavoidable, don’t you agree?

You are at this point thinking, what if it’s the other way around? The movers during the packing or unpacking damage the furniture. Well, no worries. At Cor Movers, there is insurance covering general liability such as damages to the floor and walls. What about your furniture? They also provide a care custody control policy that covers your furniture.

Its time consuming

How will you find the time to pack when there is so much that you must do? 

If you’re moving from a local area such as Phoenix or Scottsdale, there is much to do before moving. If you have children, you’ll need to register them for a new school and transfer any medical reports. You may even need to prepare to ship your vehicle to a new state or even get a new driver’s license and vehicle registration. There is so much to do, but you can leave the packing to Core Movers for the movers and the packers to do an excellent job getting you ready for your journey.

Conclusion: If you live within the Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas, and is looking to save time, avoid exhaustion, and to ensure your item are insured during the packing and delivery process. Get a free quote from Cor Movers, and you’re on your way. We can also assist with getting you packed and ready for the road.

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