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Once you are done moving to a new place and unpacking all your things, you will most likely be surrounded by a mountain of moving boxes. While recycling is the best option, there are a plethora of uses for old moving boxes.

1.     Packaging

Cardboard moving boxes are extremely useful when it comes to packing other items. If you have a stack of fancy China you want to put away, you don’t need to buy padding. Use the scissors to cut up the box into rectangular strips, and use those strips as padding between the crockery.  You can also utilize cardboard boxes for birthday or holiday gifts. They can be used for putting house products and stowed away in the storage room or closet.

2.     Surface and Floor Protection

Moving boxes are quite thick and act as an excellent protective barrier. The boxes are so versatile they can be used while you are gardening, used as a mat on the driveway when changing your car oil, used as a layer of protection for when you need to move heavy furniture. They are handy for indoor and outdoor projects alike. People often lay cardboard boxes on the floor while painting their house. It is cheap and easy protection. If you want to complete a craft project but don’t want to damage your table, place a cardboard box flat on it. The box will keep your table nice and clean.

3.     Great for Kids and Pets

You might struggle with finding uses for old moving boxes, but your children won’t. Big moving boxes can be great for building dollhouses. You can decorate it and make a DIY toy storage box. Kids can use the boxes to play with or turn them into little art projects.

Cardboard moving boxes are great for Halloween costumes. Does your kid want to be SpongeBob Square pants? No problem. One of them wants to be Lego? Don’t fret! Your cardboard boxes can be turned into any costume you or your kids like.

Cats LOVE cardboard boxes of any size. The minute you get the boxes home, they will try to get inside them. You can either leave the box in your living room for your cat to enjoy or spend some time decorating it into a playhouse. Paint the box, add a layer of blanket or towel inside. Your cat will adore you for it. If you have a puppy or a small dog, transform the box into an indoor dog house.

4.     Extra Storage

Storage is one of the many uses for old moving boxes. If you have piles and piles of summer clothes oozing out of your closet, it is time for you to get organized. Fold all your summer clothes and put them into vacuum-sealed bags. Put them in the cardboard boxes, throw in some mothballs, close the lid, tape it up, and then move them into a storage room or under your bed. When the summer comes, you won’t have to go on a rampage in your closet.


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