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You’re planning on relocating to another place. Just thinking about the process on the surface, it may seem simple; it’s just getting a moving company. Then there is the packing and unpacking of items; how hard can this be. Right? But what you fail to understand is that the company you choose to transport your items with; may or may not allow you to have this smooth process. How can you be sure of the moving process to eliminate any stressful events? by choosing the best professional moving company. Here are 5 tips that you can use to determine the best pros.

Tip One: Search for residential movers in your area

When planning on moving from a residential area or commercial property, you may want to get those items in a truck and get on the road. But taking a step backward to do due diligence can save you tons of cash from chronic migraine.

You can ask around in your neighborhood for professional moving company services. You can start with asking friends, family, or even a local grocery mart or restaurant that you frequent. There is also the option of checking online and narrowing the search to your area. Reading reviews is another great way to find out the type of company you think of giving the job. If you reside in the Phoenix or Scottsdale vicinity, then your best option by far is Cor Movers.

Tip Two: Insurance coverage is an essential

You are eager to move to start your new life or a new career, but before you hire a moving company. You must check if they have insurance coverage or provide insurance coverage.

If you decide on a moving company that offers reliable pricing but no insurance, it’s best not to choose this company. Why? Because this company doesn’t value your business.

If the moving company doesn’t provide insurance to cover your personal belongings during the entire process. Well, this isn’t the best company for you. At Cor Movers, there are two insurance coverage, general liability policy that covers your walls and floors. There is a care custody control policy that covers damages to your furniture.

Tip Three: Find out about the moving process.

How will this company handle your belongings? Before hiring a delivery service, check to find out how they’ll handle your belongings. You don’t want to get to your destination only to find all your items damaged, especially if it’s an item you treasure. Or maybe find that some items are missing; yes, you read right. That’s also possible if you choose the wrong company.

You can begin by finding out the type of truck they use for delivery, is it too small, will it be able to transport your items comfortably or is it just the right size for your items? in addition, find out the time they will arrive at your home. Is there time flexible? What about the movers? What’s the standard number of mover or packers they will send to do the job? It’s best to determine what service you’re looking for from a professional moving company before choosing one.

Tip Four: Is the service cost-efficient?

It can be costly to hire a moving company, especially if you choose the wrong moving company.

That’s right, in choosing the wrong moving company you may pay for the service twice just for transporting the items once. It’s best to choose a less expensive company. Even if they’re costly, they must have the reputation that accounts for the cost. Find out how they charge and if they charge a trip charge. At Cor Movers, the price is an hour for residential moving; and it’s a flat charge for junk removal. Furthermore, for a trip charge, it’s an hour trip charge.


Don’t you agree it’s wise to choose the best professional moving company? If you’re planning to relocate from the Phoenix or Scottsdale region or any surrounding areas, contact Cor Movers, they are a reputable moving company, who can transport your items from point A to B safely.

They also provide insurance, offer a smooth process, and may be closer to your home than you think.

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