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4 Packing Tips to Make Moving Easier

As exciting as you might find it to move to a new place, packing can be a hassle and a half. However, there are some tricks and tips that you can make use of in order to lighten your burden. Let’s have a look at a few of these.

1. Throw away anything that even remotely resembles junk

Look, moving gives you a golden opportunity to throw away the junk that usually clutters up a home. Make use of this opportunity. Eliminate all unnecessary items, including those shirts you’ve been wearing forever. The more stuff you toss, the less you’ll have to pack, move, unload and re-organize. Start de-cluttering as soon as you know you’re about to move. Harden your heart and become ruthless. Purge as many items as you can, and you’ll breathe easy throughout the rest of the packing process.

2. Categorize and organize

Now, you have a choice here. You could choose to organize your belongings by room, which allows for smaller messes, and decreases the risk of you feeling overwhelmed. However, some experts recommend you organize your items by category instead. In this case, you won’t be cleaning out a room at a time, but a category of items. So the first day, you could sort through every single article of clothing you own. Go through every room in the house, and look in the clothes hamper, the coat closet and laundry room until every item of clothing is in a single place to be sorted. When you’re done with that, move on to books and so on.

3. Donate.

Look for an organization that makes free goodwill pickups. These wills save you the hassle of actually driving to a Goodwill. Organizations like MakeSpace will pick up anything you choose to donate and drop it off to Goodwill.

4. Sell the rest.

If there are items you don’t want anymore, but look like they might fetch a decent price, look into hosting a yard sale. Set aside those items and look for places where you can sell them. Furniture can be sold at Craigslist, or you could try eBay for pre-loved items or trading card collections (the latter could get you a pretty penny). Plus, you can sell any branded clothing items at local stores, or at Poshmark. After you’ve sorted everything that can be sold, write descriptions of all the items you mean to sell online.


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