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4 Mistakes to Avoid when Packing for a Move

Packing everything when you’re moving can be quite the chore, and unfortunately, that can lead to movers making all sorts of mistakes in their rush to be done with it. These mistakes can actually lead to more time and energy being wasted as you scramble to correct yourselves. Let’s have a look at some of the mistakes you’ll need to avoid in order to pack efficiently.

1)   Packing at the very last minute

You might think you can cram all of your packing in the last few days (or even the very last day!), but beware of falling into this trap. Packing will always take a lot longer than you anticipate and definitely more than just the last days before you leave. After all, things have been accumulating at your place for years. It’s going to take some time to pack this away decently. Start packing a good two to three weeks before moving day in order to give yourself some wiggle room.

2)   Overfilling your boxes

Good packing involves individual items fitting together snugly with no pockets of air between them. However, this is not to be taken to the extreme of overfilling the box, and thus risking it bursting open. An overfilled box is likely to split open and spill its contents over. Plus, it’s obviously more difficult to lift and carry, and can even crush other boxes it’s placed on top of. For heavier items, like books, use separate and smaller boxes.

3)   Not labeling the boxes

After you’re done packing and sealing a box, be sure to a) number it, and b) label it. Numbering them will allow you to be alerted right away if a box goes missing at any point in the moving process. And labeling them will allow you to unpack easily. If you don’t mention on the box what it contains, you’re going to have to open up every single box to find blankets or sheets the day you move in. So make sure to take inventory of your boxes as you pack, and note the contents on the box.

4)   Reusing old boxes

Don’t reuse old boxes just because you found them for free. These tend to be structurally compromised after already having being used to store and transport heavy objects. It’s possible that they get crushed, along with your belongings. Instead, always buy high quality packing and moving supplies in order to ensure safety and stability.





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